Friday, August 3, 2012

Really?! Associated Press? Really?!

June 2012, In a Twitter chat this week, the AP decreed that it is OK to use the word jeggings to talk about the trendy hybrid of leggings and jeans. But they added that it is not OK to use the term jorts, as in jean shorts. (NPR)

Kentucky students are onboard!

We are here to fight for JORTS lovers everywhere!  How can we live in a world where jeggings is an accepted term but people turn up their noses at the word jort. We are going to prove the Associated Press wrong and save the somewhat tarnished reputation of a spring and summer classic.  

Jorts are all around you, c'mon and let em show!


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  2. As the intern, I have been relegated to posting here in the comment box section of the site. The following is an account from an interview on the origins of the so titled jorts.

    In my many inquiries on the topic of jorts, I have come up with a few questions. Who invented the jorts? How did this odd fashion become fashionable?As it turns out jorts, or cut offs as they were previously known, became stylized in the late 1970's. As an investigative reporter, I find it my duty to dig in deep.

    My first discussion brought me to the residence of a Mr. Thadeus Zeus, 42, who resides in the basement of his mothers estate.
    "Critical strike on green goblin! 30 damage points!" Exclaims a berobed Zeus. To the dungeon master,"I search the corpse for loot."

    Mr. Zeus, as he is referred to by his fellowship, plays dungeons and dragons professionally. Mr. Zeus, when did you start waring jorts?

    While in the process of rolling the 20 sided dye,"Before I had completed my first campaign! Back was a grandmaster in chess. That's where I met him, the inventor of cut offs."

    Who was he? I asked fervently, closer to discovering the whereabouts of this dynamic denim deity. To Mr. Zeus: Where did you meet him?

    Mr. Zeus? No answer. It was snack time. Thaddeus's mother brought down cheese puffs and diet coke.

    "Mom! You know I hate diet coke! Why do you torment me like this?!"

    In this interview, I knew I would get no further this day.

    As an exclusive report, this is the intern signing off.

  3. Too many mushrooms in the ADKs intern. Lay off the mushrooms.